Vintage Teal Green 1968 VESPA VLB Scooter - Amarillo

Vintage Teal Green 1968 VESPA VLB Scooter — Amarillo

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Piston and rings
Cross bar
20/20 De Lorto carburetor
All new bearings, bushings, seals, gaskets, springs, shocks, brakes, cables...
Wiring harness and all electrical components
Off/On power key switch installed for added security  
Bright lights
Loud horn
Clean running 
Easy starting
 Great gas mileage
Top quality new synthetic leather seats with matching spare tire cover
All new rubber trim
New Piaggio hand grips
New steering lock
New odometer
Most screws, nuts, bolts, and washers have been replaced with stainless steel fixtures 
Stainless steel leg-shield trim
Stainless steel  floor runners
Stainless steel choke assembly
Stainless steel rims
Stainless steel 3 and 1 back rack 
Stainless steel hub caps
Stainless steel fender guards              
New fuel tap with stainless steel linkage assembly
Chrome plated gas cap with stainless steel latch
Chrome plated front seat bracket
New stainless steel rider seat bracket
 High performance sport exhaust system - stainless steel expansion pipe with stainless steel muffler 

  • Amarillo, Texas, United States